Vitalica Weight Control

Weight management practices help you easily solve your weight problem with personalized therapies.

Weight is more or less everyone's concern, isn't it?


Weight is more or less everyone's concern, isn't it? We have put together our therapies that can help you solve this problem easily. Ozone sauna helps to burn fat especially around the belly with sweating. Anti-cellulite massage ensures the recovery of the body, the treatment protocol that reduces fatty liver supports the detoxification of the body. The osteopathic ritual opens the blocked areas in the body, and lymph drainage also eliminates edema and ensures the removal of weight. In addition, body-mind balance is established with personalized fitness and breathing classes, and it is ensured that the person maintains this balance in his life routine.

  • Deep detox massage (50 minutes)
  • Ozone sauna
  • Anti-cellulite Massage (50 minutes)
  • Metabolism Boosting Treatment Protocol
  • Intravenously administered laser treatment
  • Liver detox treatment protocol
  • Anti-fatigue treatment protocol
  • Lymph drainage device Sessions (pressoterapi/termoterapi/elektroterapi)
  • Vitalica Osteopathic Ritual (1 hour)
  • Algae Body Care
  • Fitness with Personal Trainer
  • 2 Breath Therapy

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