Biohacking aims to eliminate all these negative effects and to ensure that the human body has a long life in the most efficient and healthy way.


Scientists reveal that the average lifespan of the first people of our species called 'Homo Sapiens Sapiens' was 18 years, the average lifespan in the Middle Ages was 30 years, and the average human lifespan today is 70 years. With the change in living conditions and opportunities, human lifespan has lengthened throughout the ages and continues to do so. However, as we live longer, we are exposed to many negative influences that affect our brain function, emotions and mental health. Stress, which is constant in our daily lives, disrupts the biochemistry of the brain and causes functional problems. What is important in today's conditions is to take the necessary precautions before the problems arise and to eliminate the problems that may arise. Thanks to information and technology, we can quickly identify and solve the source of many problems in our lives. But did you know that thanks to technology you can control your body and live longer with a healthy body and mind?

Biohacking aims to ensure that the human body lives a long life in the most efficient and healthy way by eliminating all these negative effects. Biohacking is the art of creating the best version of yourself in the light of science, based on the management of body, mind and mental health, to take control of body, mind and life, to optimize overall performance. Biohacking is the most powerful concept in terms of preventing the problems we may encounter in our physical and spiritual integrity.

Functions such as concentration, memory, focus, perception process, problem solving, planning, decision making, comparison are indicators of mental performance. Emotions such as being happy, controlling anger, controlling impulses and feeling peaceful reflect mental performance. Biohaching methods offer a holistic approach to analyzing your body, mind and spirit and presenting the data obtained with a holistic approach. In this way, it aims to protect and improve your personal performance and provides a new window into your life. If you want to have more control over your mental and physical state and mind phenomena, if you expect to be more productive, if you want to use your brain functions in the best and most effective way by clarifying your mind, 'Biohacking Methods' is for you.

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