The World Needs Revitalized People

Don't ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then do it. Because the world needs people who come alive. -Harold Whitman

Don't ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then do it.
Because the world needs people who come alive.
                                                                                         Harold Whitman


While we work on revitalizing the physical body with the detox programs we offer at Vitalica Wellness, we do not neglect mental awakening and the most important mental detoxification. One of the most important steps in mental detoxification is to ensure the correct flow of energy in the body and even to heal the internal organs with this healthy flow.

One of the most important sources of this revitalization in the human body is the awakening of Kundalini energy.
In spiritual beliefs; kundalini energy symbolizes the life energy and inner power that is dormant in most people. It is located at the bottom of the spine in the triangular sacrum region in the first chakra in the first chakra in the starting region. The revitalized kundalini energy, starting from the spine region, progresses to the peak chakra, allowing a new consciousness to be reached by developing awareness.


Kundalini yoga practices can be considered as a mental technology that works with the soul-body-mind triad and shows its effect in human life immediately with regular practice. While working on the physical body with special poses, it is also presented as a very effective work on the nervous system. Stress, stress-related traumas, emotional accumulations, which are constantly with us in our lives, cause congestion in our energy body and prevent our healthy energy flow. The best source for this is Gabor Mate's book 'If the Body Says No', which was written with a long effort. If you have not read it, we highly recommend it. And here Kundalini Yoga practices are a system that works entirely on healing the jams that occur in these energy channels. With the most general definition, we can actually call kundalini yoga practice as waking up to your own nature.


How can we ensure this healthy energy flow?
A session is prepared by combining asanas, breathing practices, mudras, deep thinking and mantras with other yoga practices. While working on the seven chakras, an important work is also done on the aura energy. In order to awaken the Kundalini energy, it is very important to be repetitive in yoga practice and in the whole. 11 days or 40 days as an advanced level, while developing self-discipline, it is also ensured that the Kundalini energy, which is the energy of life, is awakened. As a result, a balanced and healthy energy flow is provided between the energy channels called chakras and the internal organs are also healed. At the same time, while working on the nervous system, we also work with hormones. In addition to the regular hormones supporting the health of the body, the regular energies of the glands are combined with the energy of the nervous system. As a result of these, pure awareness free from stress begins to form in the brain. With the formation of this awareness, your creative power emerges in your life.


Daha önceki yazılarımızda sağlıklı çalışmayan sinir sistemi ve olması gerekenden fazla yüklenilen stresin fiziksel bedenimizde nasıl hastalık olarak ortaya çıktığından bahsetmiştik. Vitalica Wellness’da detoks programlarımızı destekleyen uygulamalarımız fiziksel bedeninizi toksinden arındırmaya yönelik olurken mental sağlığınız için de kundalini yoga, chakra healing ve mındfulness pratikleri ile de sizlere ruhsal bir detoksifikasyon sağlıyoruz.

Hayat bazen bizleri zorlarken üzerinde çalışabileceğimiz bir bedenimiz olduğunu hep hatırlayalım lütfen. Ve tüm canlanmanın anahtarı Vitalica Wellness ile elimizde….

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