Well Aging Program

Animal food was indispensable for me in my meals. That's why I chose this program. I applied both stages for a week. I did not feel hungry at all and I achieved my desired weight loss goal by preserving my muscle mass. Adele also lost weight by foll ...

Aleyna Korkmaz


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The basic philosophy of aging well, namely Well Aging, is to ensure that the process called 'aging' is healthy, active and happy.

Program Content

If you are looking for health, inner strength and mental peace, you are invited to Vitalica Wellness, which offers 360 degree solutions.

  • Professional Team

    We are very happy to work with a team that can offer multiple approaches to our guests with their expertise in every field we serve.

  • Blue Zone

    Of course, oxygen is the source of our life and the main ingredient of our breath. For this reason, it is not a coincidence that Vitalica Wellness is located in Bodrum, the sixth blue zone region of the world with high oxygen content.

  • Personal Service

    We believe that every body has its own story. For this reason, after our consultations with our doctors, we are ready to apply treatments appropriate to our guests' own stories.

What is the Well Aging Program?

Throughout history, the idea of looking young and not aging has existed in the minds of human beings. Today, 'Can life span be extended? Is it possible to stop aging?" are among the most frequently asked questions by people with high awareness. The answer to these questions is healthy aging programs. The main philosophy of Well Aging is to ensure that the process called 'old age' is healthy, active, and happy. As Vitalica Wellness, we, in the Well Aging Program, holistically take this philosophy and aim to regulate the biological events that cause aging, reduce the mental problems that come with aging, protect against diseases that can be seen in old age and eliminate the deformations caused by this process in our body.

In the peaceful, stress-free, and healing atmosphere of Vitalica Wellness, you can start to renew and revitalize your body by limiting calorie intake, consuming foods containing SIRT proteins beneficial for health; and strengthening the immune, hormone, and digestive systems.

Who is the Well Aging Program Suitable for?

As Vitalica Wellness, we offer a journey where you will learn and discover how to live the best version of aging. The Well Aging Program is designed for people who want to be prepared for every effect that reaching old age has on the body, whether hormonal, mental or physical. Since aging does not occur in the same way in every person, the processes and needs differ. Due to the tailor-made programs, it is suitable for anyone over the age of 50 who wants to stop or mitigate the effects of aging. In addition, thanks to its AMPK enzyme activity, it can be used as a supportive treatment in diseases such as diabetes, obesity and cancer.

Benefits of the Well Aging Program 

The Well Aging Program brings together the methods of modern and complementary medicine, sports activities, mental therapies, wellness therapies and beauty practices with a multidisciplinary approach.

  • Strengthening immunity
  • Achieving a balanced lifestyle for cardiovascular health,
  • Maintain hormone balance,
  • Ensure weight management,
  • Removing the effects of aging on the body is one of the first benefits of the Well Aging Program.

Services Included in the Well Aging Program


  • Physician consultation at the beginning, end and throughout the program
  • Full body analysis
  • Well Aging Consultation
  • Anti Aging Consultation
  • Stress and Lifestyle Consultation
  • Cardiology Consultation
  • Personalized Sirt Nutrition Plan
  • Anti-Aging Supplements
  • Cell Regenerating Drinks
  • Unlimited herbal detox soup
  • Unlimited herbal tea
  • Unlimited pH 10 water
  • Follow-up during the program
  • Nutrition consultation by a specialist
  • Personalized health plan before departure
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Free participation in group activities (yoga, breathing, meditation classes, fitness, wellness talks, holistic activities, walks with a specialist, healthy cooking classes, etc.)
  • Vitalica bag and water flask

Well Aging Program


  • Infrared sauna (30 mins)  
  • Salt Room (30 mins)
  • Steam Room (30 mins)
  • Manipura abdominal massage (20 minutes, performed before Angel of Water)
  • Angel of water (colon cleansing) Our doctor decides how many sessions you will receive this application after consultation.
  • Anti Aging Mud Wrap (1 session in 3-day program, 2 sessions in 7-day program)

Animal food was indispensable for me in my meals. That's why I chose this program. I applied both stages for a week. I did not feel hungry at all and I achieved my desired weight loss goal by preserving my muscle mass. Adele also lost weight by following this detox program. Frankly, it motivated me a lot. There will definitely be more to come.

Aleyna Korkmaz

Sık Sorulan Sorular

Of course it's effective. In our Well Aging program, you also consume approximately 1400 calories a day. This is definitely not a high amount of calories. Weight loss depends on you being multidisciplinary during the day, rather than the programs, complying exactly with the supplement shot times of the program and not cheating at all. We also have guests who lose weight in a healthy way with well aging.

The minimum number of stay days for our well aging program should be 3. The first part is; We drink what we call SIRT drink in the morning and evening and you can eat salmon or chicken at lunch. In the second part, you take protein-containing foods in the morning and evening (red meat is not served) and drink SIRT drink at noon.

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