One of the seven Blue Zone Point in the World

Vitalica Wellness, which has an area of 10 thousand mt2 in Le Meridien Beach Resort located in Adabükü Boğaziçi district in the heart of Bodrum, helps the guests to purify their souls while removing the toxins in their bodies with its nature and all its facilities.

The Key to Healthy Living "Vitalica Wellness Healthy Living and Detox Center"

"Vitalica Wellness Healthy Living and Detox Center"

"Vitalica Wellness Healthy Living and Detox Center"

The Key to Healthy Living "Vitalica Wellness Healthy Living and Detox Center"

Welcomes its guests in all months of the year at Le Meridien Bodrum Beach Resort, owned by the Marriott group, which is a global brand in the Tourism sector, Vitalica Wellness is focused on providing you a healthier, longer and happier life with its philosophy based on attention and care. Vitalica Wellness' programmes and modules have been developed by an expert team of experienced doctors and therapists with the aim of a healthy lifestyle.

With its location in Bodrum district of Muğla province, Vitalica Wellness is located in one of the world's few "blue zone" regions. Blue zones are geographical areas where people live long and healthy lives, delay aging and are resistant to diseases. Vitalica Wellness is located in this blue zone region, which is one of the few in the world.

In addition to being a tourism center known for its sea and natural wonders, Bodrum is also a known blue zone in the world. The Italian island of Sardinia, the Okinawa region of Japan, the Nicoya region of Costa Rica and the island of Ikaria in Greece are some of the known blue zones. People living in Bodrum live a healthy and long life due to their healthy diet, natural & organic and local food consumption and high oxygen level.


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Vitalica Wellness Wellness and Detox Center in Bodrum is also famous for its high oxygen levels. The area where the facility is located is known for its high oxygen levels and low humidity, especially during the summer months. This provides an ideal environment for the resort's wellness and healing programs. Bodrum's natural environment and high oxygen levels make Vitalica Wellness' detox programs even more effective. The fresh air and sea here play a big role in guests' adoption of healthy living.

Vitalica Wellness Wellness and Detox Center offers customized programs to suit the different needs of each guest. After examining each guest's health condition, the center's specialist doctors recommend the most suitable program. Thus, each guest is offered a detox program tailored to their needs.

Vitalica Wellness is a center specializing in healthy living and nutrition and offers many detox programs. The main goal of these programs is to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle and better body health by removing harmful toxins and waste from your body.

All the programs developed at Vitalica Wellness, together with the methods of modern and complementary medicine, support the prevention of many diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems, cancer, obesity, Alzheimer's, hypertension, joint problems, rheumatism, digestive problems, and many more.

Detox programs are usually combined with a strict diet and exercise routine. The detox programs offered at Vitalica Wellness include special teas, smoothies, fresh fruits and vegetables, organic foods and other healthy foods.

The benefits of these programs include weight loss, improved gut health, increased energy levels, improved skin health, stress reduction, improved sleep quality and more. Detox programs also boost your immune system by reducing toxins in your body, making you more resistant to disease.

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