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Aegean Climate

Aegean Climate

What is Detox?

The human body is designed for natural cleansing and purification. It is one of the processes that the body naturally performs to cleanse itself on a daily basis. But when it is overwhelmed with our sedentary and toxic lifestyle, it becomes important for us to give it a proper internal and external lifestyle. To cleanse itself, the body excretes certain types of waste, which are by-products of human metabolism or bodily functions. There are other waste products known as cellular waste that are excreted through the nose, eyes and ears, our hair is also considered cellular waste of the body.

The elimination of these waste products is very important for good health. If these wastes that are formed after the energy burning process are not properly excreted, they turn into toxins and the accumulations gradually spread throughout the body and can cause problems such as neurological disorders, fungal infections, body odor, digestive problems, hair loss.

What are the Benefits of Detoxing?

In the process of removing body toxins, we examine the benefits under 4 different headings;


The body eliminates edema and toxins through the colon on a daily basis. If constipation or diarrhea is present, it can cause discomfort such as bloating, cramping, acidity. These fecal matter contain estrogen, cholesterol and other metabolic residues, and if they are not eliminated, they can be absorbed back into the body. It can predispose people to colon cancer, the flora in our intestines needs to be healthy. Fasting, fiber, fluids and healthy fats are important to cleanse and rejuvenate the colon.


The most important organ of your body's detox prompt is the liver. The liver helps break down bad fats in the body.


The right amount of water, soups and herbal teas are important for the kidneys to perform their functions. They purify your blood, remove excess water, salts, bile pigments and cellular waste in the urine and maintain body temperature. This helps to keep the body clean


It is considered the largest organ of the body and helps to remove salt and water from the body through sweat. Physical exercise and infrared saunas, steaming and drinking enough fluids are the best ways to support detox.

Spoil Yourself

Spoil Yourself

What is Master Detox? How is it done?

It is a cleansing method that effectively removes toxins from your body. The entire program rests your digestive system, resting the stomach, liver, pancreas and intestinal functions. During the practice, the body requires very little energy for digestive function and does not use any chewing function. The nutritional plan of this program allows toxins to reach the intestines through herbal teas, detox soup, detox drinks, supertonic shots, alkaline water, and various herbal supplements. After a 20-minute abdominal massage, most of the toxins are removed from the intestines with a colon cleansing (angel of water). Thus, the body is supported to regain its natural rhythm. Throughout all these applications, it supports the removal of toxins, heavy metals, parasites and wastes from the body in a short period.

Who is the Master Detox Practice Suitable for?

It is suitable for all individuals over the age of 18 who aim to stay mentally, physically and emotionally healthy. It is suitable for individuals who are exposed to intense stress and toxins, have addictions, and want to detoxify and rest their bodies.

Vitalica Wellness Detox Hotel Procedures

Vitalica Wellness Detox Hotel, which is one of the best detox centers in Istanbul and Bodrum and has multiple awards, allows you to detoxify, relax and revitalize your body. At Vitalica Wellness Hotel, you can contribute to the removal of edema and toxins from the body with Master Detox Programs, Intensive Detox Program, Ayurvedic Detox Program, Post-Covid Wellness and Detox Programs and acquire lifelong habits.

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