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In today's world, time has become more important than anything.

In today's world, time has become more important than anything. We choose the one that gives the fastest results.

What Is EMS?

What Is EMS?

What Is EMS?

EMS stands for 'electrical muscle stimulation'. It requires training by working 10 main muscle groups together with very low currents given to your body with a special system. It is used to activate the muscles that are difficult to work with standard exercises or to provide more stimulation of the muscles that can already be stimulated. In this way, the person can do a more effective training by saving time.

How To Make EMS?

It is provided with special EMS Training Clothes that provide electrical stimulation.The person does his personal training with an EMS Trained trainer for 20-25 minutes with the special clothes he wears for training.

What Are The Benefits Of EMS?

Saving Time; People cannot spare as much time as they want to any activity they do. This may reduce the efficiency of the operation. (Like reducing the sports that should be done in 1.5-2 hours to 45 minutes -1 hour due to lack of time) EMS takes 20-25 minutes. During this period, it provides the person with at least 2 hours of efficient sports effect.

Accelerating metabolism; Thanks to EMS training, more working muscles consume more energy. With the activation of this energy system, our metabolic rate increases.

Healthy and fast weight loss; It provides effective regional thinning in the first stage with EMS. Which areas the person concentrates on during the training, more thinning is provided from those areas. In the later stages, it works to empty the oil tanks. In addition, as the person exercises their muscles more, they start to burn more calories and spend energy. You can see the maximum weight loss effect with a healthy diet.

Muscle mass increase; In a normal workout, it is very difficult to work all the muscles in the same month or even on the same day. In training with EMS, we can work all the muscles. Since the muscles work more than they are used to with the current, it is possible to provide muscle development in a shorter time than normal sports. Since men have physiologically higher muscle mass than women, muscle development is much more and much faster in men than in women.

Correcting the posture disorder; Posture Disorders can be corrected with special trainings with the EMS device.

Pain management; Provides relief from waist and back pain. Thus, it improves the quality of life of the person.

Reduces the appearance of cellulite; Increases Muscle Tightening by accelerating muscle work. This reduces the appearance of cellulite on the skin, prevents or slows its formation.

Increases the performance of athletes; Thanks to faster and more effective muscle development, it provides performance increase in elite athletes.

Postpartum body recovery; The body experiences loss of elasticity in some areas immediately after birth. EMS, which increases muscle work, provides the activation of some hormones with this effect and gives the skin elasticity again.

Is There Any Damage To EMS?

Is There Any Damage To EMS?

Is There Any Damage To EMS?

It has no negative side effects in terms of health. Current therapies have been used safely in the field of health for a long time. It can be done long-term and regularly like traditional training.

Who Cannot Do EMS?

Those with pacemakers, pregnant women, cancer patients, heart patients, those with epilepsy.

Are EMS Currents Dangerous?

No, there is no harm in training with the low frequency current given. During the training process, the body sends current to the muscles to work. With EMS, the strength of this current and its effect on the muscle increase. Although EMS gives fast and efficient results, you can get maximum efficiency if it is supported by a healthy diet and wellness practices that will increase the metabolic rate for maximum effect.

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