Post-Covid Program


This program is designed to repair the damage caused by the infection on the organism, especially the respiratory system and cardiovascular system, functions and neurological and psychological complications in people with COVID-19 infection. Complaints such as fatigue, cough and shortness of breath may continue after recovery in 80% of those who have the disease. While cleansing your body of COVID, regain the spirit-body-mind balance, which is inevitable for a healthy life! 

Post Covid Detox Program Content (3 - 7 days)

    • Physician consultation at the beginning, end and duration of the program
    • Full body analysis
    • Vitalica Wellness Post Covid nutritional supplements
    • Post Covid foods (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
    • Post Covid drinks (prepared according to personal prescription)
    • Unlimited herbal detox soup
    • Unlimited herbal tea
    • Unlimited pH 10 water
    • Follow-up throughout the program
    • Nutrition consultation by a specialist
    • Personalized health plan before departure
    • Indoor swimming pool
    • Free participation in group activities (such as yoga, breathing, meditation classes, fitness, wellness talks, holistic activities, walks with an expert, healthy cooking lessons)
    • Vitalica bag and water canteen

    * * Treatments included in the program

    • Infrared sauna (30 minutes every day)
    • Salt Room (30 minutes every day)
    • Steam Room (30 minutes every day)
    • Ginger Compress (30 minutes every day)
    • Nasayam Massage (30 minutes every day)
    • Sodium Lung Cleansing (30 minutes every day)
    • Measurement of respiratory functions with a spirometer

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