Health Is The Beginning Of Everything, Strong Immune System Is The Beginning Of Health

With the introduction of Covid-19 into our lives, more research and talk about the "immune system" has been around us, right?

With the introduction of Covid-19 into our lives, more research and talk about the "immune system" has been around us, right?

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You have surely heard the following sentence or sentences similar to it. ''The cause of every disease is the weakness of the immune system''. All pharmacies started to sell much more supplements that strengthen the immune system, not only that, but brands have released many different supplements.

The share of truth in the sentence we shared above is very high.

So what is this immune system a little more scientifically we want to share with you.

The immune system is a defence system that protects the body against diseases and foreign organisms. This system is called 'pathogen'; It is responsible for protecting us against external threats to our body such as viruses, germs, bacteria and other harmful organisms. It also protects us against cancer cells that are already in our body.

As a result of the researches we have done with the physicians we worked before we put Vitalica Wellness into service, we decided that; In addition to aiming to get a healthy age, to purify the body from toxins, one of the most important issues for us was how we can work on applications to strengthen the immune system...

In addition to the importance of healthy and balanced nutrition, regular exercise, regular sleep, stress management, removing or restricting the use of harmful substances from our lives, we have done research on what we can offer differently. In Istanbul and Bodrum Vitalica Wellness, we started to offer our guests support applications that strengthen their immune systems. All of these applications work in the body with a chain effect depending on each other.

What are their benefits?

Let's take a look at what these applications are.

Manual therapy consists of manipulation techniques known as mobilization and massing. This treatment method should be applied by physicians and physiotherapists who have received special training in this field, otherwise it may have negative consequences.

The aim of manual therapy

  • Pain relief effect by increasing endorphin secretion,
  • Activation of the sympathetic nervous system,
  • Relaxation of tissues such as muscle and fascia,
  • Regulation of movement functions.



1.Iv Therapy: It is a medical treatment application in which intravenous fluid, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are administered directly through the vein. While the absorption rate of these substances taken by mouth varies between 10-20% at the maximum level in the body, the substances applied in IV treatment show a 90-100% absorption rate with a very high difference since they reach the tissues directly by bypassing the digestive system.

At Vitalica Wellness, we have Iv cocktails containing many different vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to our body in different areas.

As I mentioned at the beginning of our article, we have Iv cocktail, which we have had good results for the immune system, where our awareness has been carried to the highest level for the last three years.

We always get the following question from our guests, is it enough to do it once? Or at what intervals should I have it done?

We highly recommend the immune system Iv to be taken 5 times as a cure, provided that it is taken every two weeks or once a week. When some of our guests stay in Bodrum Vitalica for a long time, we complete this process there, if they live in Istanbul, our guest can also complete the cure in Vitalica Wellness there.

2.Angel Of Water: The cleanliness and health of our intestines, which have been referred to as the "second brain" in recent years, is very important. A healthy intestinal flora also plays an important role in the effective and strong functioning of the immune system. Some studies even mention that 80% of the hormone serotonin is secreted from the intestines.

In both of our Vitalica Wellness centres, we safely clean your intestines with an application called Angel Of Water, accompanied by our nurses, while balancing your flora and cleansing your intestines from toxins.

We also recommend you to have it done every month or every two months.

3.Ozone Sauna and Ozone Therapy: Ozone shows anti-oxidant activity in our body and has the effect of fighting free radicals in cells. Ozone therapy has been proven to activate immune cells and increase the production of proteins called immunoglabins produced by the immune system. Ozone sauna also contributes to the immune system by contacting the skin with ozone. Ozone in contact with the skin increases blood circulation in the body and this allows better oxygen to the immune system.

As Vitalica Wellness, we recommend ozone sauna and ozone therapy to our guests as a support application in our detox programmes and we get very good feedbacks.

Our recommendation would be to apply ozone sauna once every two weeks and ozone therapy once a month.

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4.Cup Treatment: Cupping treatment is applied to the area where the treatment will be applied in the form of moving the cup with the help of vacuum technique or oil. Of course, we support this treatment to be performed by a professional specialist. Our physiotherapists or therapists who are experts in their field perform it on our body. Since it accelerates blood circulation in the areas where it is applied, it provides oxygen and other additional nutrients to the cells. It is also very useful for removing toxins from the body, which is the main purpose of detox. The immune system cells of a toxin-free body can make a more effective defence. Finally, it helps the immune system to fulfil its duty by reducing inflammation in the body. In other words, it is seen to have an anti-inflammatory effect.

5.Hacamat Treatment: For various reasons, dirty blood accumulation can occur in our bodies. Hacamat, which is a traditional and old treatment method, is the process of collecting dirty blood with the help of a cup and removing it from the body with small incisions. Since the removal of toxins and dead blood cells from the blood with cupping treatment provides the renewal of cells, its contribution to the strengthening of the immune system with these results is indisputable.

6.Acupuncture Treatment: It is a treatment method belonging to traditional Chinese medicine and an integral part of holistic medicine. It is aimed to regulate the energy flow by inserting needles into certain parts of the body. Acupuncture treatment has an important role in strengthening the immune system as well as proven effects in addictions, weight loss, chronic diseases, diseases such as Parkinson's and migraine. In addition to anti-inflammatory and blood circulation regulation, which is one of the effects we see in cupping treatment, it can also be applied as a method of coping with stress. And all these benefits create positive effects on strengthening our immune system.

Since cupping and acupuncture are traditional methods that require special expertise, we are always ready to serve you with our Chinese doctor who is very expert in these matters.

If you want to strengthen your immune system with us, we are always just a phone call away to prepare the appropriate programme for you.

As we explained at the very beginning, the beginning of everything is health and the beginning of health is a strong immune system.

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