How About Meeting Autophagy at Vitalica Wellness?

At Vitalica Wellness, we ensure that all our guests experience this process in the healthiest way possible with our Interval Autophagy program.

At Vitalica Wellness, we ensure that all our guests experience this process in the healthiest way possible with our Interval Autophagy program. 


If you are interested in wellness, well-being, anti-aging or well-aging, the word autophagy should be familiar to you. If you are not familiar with it at all; In 2016, Japanese Professor Yoshinori Osumi received the Nobel Prize in Physiology as a result of his research on autophagy, and subsequently, we are sure that you have definitely come across it in a video as the concept of autophagy has started to attract the attention of all doctors and nutritionists around the world.☺ Let's see how we apply autophagy at Vitalica Wellness and how we enable you to easily include it in your life.

Autophagy; actually with the simplest definition; It is the process of self-renewal and treatment of the cells in our body. Autophagy plays an important role in maintaining cell health and homeostasis. Lysosomes inside the cells take their place as the leading actor in this process. Lysosomes are small membrane-enclosed organs inside the cell and are filled with a content of digestive enzymes. If you have reached this point while reading this article and you are of a certain age, you may remember the computer game Pac-Men. A little character was traveling through a maze and eating other icons in the game. Remember? This is exactly how we can think of autophagy for our cells. That character in Pac-mend corresponds to the lysosomes in our cells. Lysosomes protect the cell from infection by destroying bacteria and viruses inside the cell and play a very important role in maintaining the health of the cell.


How can we start the autophagy process in our body?

We usually need a stimulus for autophagy to start in our cells. Hunger, stress, infections or cellular damage can be a stimulus for us, and of course regular physical exercise is a very important stimulus.

At Vitalica Wellness, we ensure that all our guests experience this process in the healthiest way possible with our Interval Autophagy program. 10 days in a year can be your best gift to yourself.

 However, as Vitalica Wellness, in addition to this method, we ensure that you experience this process in the healthiest way with an interval application. We reduce the calorie amount step by step with a few days interval and on the fifth day, we make the body ready for 250 calories on the fifth day and ensure that all your cells are renewed and cleaned for 3 days. And on the last two days, we increase the calorie amount again and send you home with your renewed cells.

Of course, with the intermittent fasting method, you can continue cleaning and repairing your cells at home after Vitalica Wellness. We also have an article about intermittent fasting, if you want to get detailed information, just click on the blog section at

Of course, the cleaned and repaired cells have a number of benefits.


1.Cell Cleansing; it is very important for the health of the cell to be cleaned of damaged proteins, organelle parts and other harmful materials in the cell, and autophagy does just that.

2.Cell Regeneration; It enables cells to renew themselves in the aging process and stressful situations.

3.Energy Balance; Autophagy means a clean, renewed cell with energy balance in another way. In the starvation time period, cells obtain energy by breaking down stored nutrients.

4.Stronger Immune System: Autophagy, which is of great benefit in the destruction of viruses and infections within the cell, thus plays an important role in the success of healthy cells in the fight against a new infection from outside.

5. Protection Against Diseases: Autophagy can help prevent the development of neurodegenerative diseases, especially Alzheimer's Parkinson's and Dementia. In addition, it plays a major role in preventing the occurrence and recurrence of diseases such as cancer and inflammation. This process can provide a neuroprotective effect by clearing abnormal proteins that accumulate inside the cell.
We would like to briefly tell you about the methods we can activate autophagy in our body; intermittent fasting, low-carbohydrate or carbohydrate-free, gluten-free, lactose-free diets, adding antioxidant-rich foods to the diet, healthy fats and protein intake that the body needs, drinking water, caffeine and green tea consumption, creating a sleep pattern and stress management. 

Why not make time for our Interval Autophagy program? 

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