The First Key To Breathing Healthy

At Vitalica Wellness, we are aware of the vital importance of lung cleansing. Hence, our Salt Room, which we strongly recommend to guests in our programs, plays a significant role.

Our lungs, one of the most vital organs for maintaining a healthy life, play a crucial role in the respiratory system. They are also essential for regulating the body's immune system and pH balance.

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The First Key to Healthy Breathing; Lung Cleansing

The lungs, one of the organs that play the most important role in maintaining a healthy life, are also the key organs of the respiratory system. The lungs are also vital for the immune system and the regulation of the body's PH balance. Today, due to increasing air pollution, smoking, toxins, and heavy metals in our body, accumulations in our lungs may increase over time. To reduce these accumulations; cleaning the lungs with the right methods and developing healthy breathing habits positively affect our general health.

If you think about what these methods are, we can summarize the practices that you can easily include in your daily life with a few items:

Regular Exercise: Regular physical exercise strengthens the respiratory system and helps to clear the lungs. Cardio exercises, in particular, increase the respiratory rate and provide better ventilation of the lungs.

Healthy Diet: Consuming foods rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals significantly supports lung health. Especially foods containing omega-3 fatty acids such as green leafy vegetables, fruits, and fish are beneficial in this regard.

Deep Breathing Exercises: Deep breathing exercises such as regular breathing exercises, yoga, and meditation help to clean the lungs by filling them with more oxygen.

Water Consumption: Drinking plenty of water, which we recommend in all our detox programs as Vitalica Wellness, helps thin the mucus and remove it from the lungs more easily. If possible, consuming water with a high pH ratio will benefit your lungs twice as much.


What are the benefits of lung cleansing?

Better Breathing: Clean lungs allow a more efficient respiratory system to work in our body, which allows more oxygen to enter the body, increasing our energy levels while at the same time improving our overall quality of life.

Stronger Immune System: Clean lungs provide a stronger immunity against respiratory infections. This increases the body's resistance to disease.

Smoking Cessation and Post-Smoking Repair: For individuals who have quit smoking, lung cleansing accelerates the healing process. Clean lungs support the process of repairing the damage caused by smoking.

Adopting healthy living habits and regular lung cleansing will provide long-term health benefits. However, if you have serious health problems or chronic conditions, we recommend that you consult a qualified health professional as we always do.

As Vitalica Wellness is aware of the vital importance of lung cleansing, our Salt Room, which we strongly recommend to our guests participating in our programs, also plays a great role and contribution. When our guests rest by breathing through the nose for half an hour in our room covered with salt particles, they experience a great cleansing of the upper respiratory tract. Of course, we do not stop with the salt room; we also help to remove toxins with the lung compresses we apply to our respiratory area in our upper body; while we greatly support the reduction of asthma, sinusitis and upper respiratory tract infections.

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