Master Detox Program

Master cleansing is an ancient form of cleansing where proper rest is given to the digestive system by liquid fasting, it is the most effective form of cleansing toxins from the body, a special detox drink is designed with herbs and minerals to cleanse the toxins and helps you regain the body's natural rhythm. This program consists of liquids consumption, you drink detox shake, detox soups, herbal teas, supertonic shots, alkaline water and get various herbal supplements. The whole program helps you in such a day that even in the small time period it flushes out toxins, heavy metals, parasites and body waste out of the body. 

Master Detox

    • Wellness consultation at the beginning of the program
    • Wellness consultation at the end of the program
    • Complete body analysis test
    • Nutrition Consultation with expert
    • Master detox Food Supplement by Vitalica wellness
    • Master Detox shakes (4 shakes)
    • Master detox shots (4 shots)
    • Master Detox soup
    • Master Detox drinks, according to the prescription
    • Follow-up during the stay
    • Personalized health plan before you leave
    • 1 Healthy cooking group class at The Chef’s Studio
    • Free access to group activities: Yoga, breathing class, meditation, talks, holistic activities, walks and healthy cooking, Inferred sauna, Pool, etc.)

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