Master Detox Program

With the Master Detox I do at Vitalica Wellness twice every year, I experience a complete purification from the inside out, as well as a magnificent renewal.

Talha Çakar


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The Master Detox Program is a cleansing method that effectively eliminates toxins from your body with a liquid fast, resting your entire digestive system.

Program Content

If you are looking for health, inner strength and mental peace, you are invited to Vitalica Wellness, which offers 360 degree solutions.

  • Professional Team

    We are very happy to work with a team that can offer multiple approaches to our guests with their expertise in every field we serve.

  • Blue Zone

    Of course, oxygen is the source of our life and the main ingredient of our breath. For this reason, it is not a coincidence that Vitalica Wellness is located in Bodrum, the sixth blue zone region of the world with high oxygen content.

  • Personal Service

    We believe that every body has its own story. For this reason, after our consultations with our doctors, we are ready to apply treatments appropriate to our guests' own stories.

What is the Master Detox Program?

The Master Detox program is a purification method that rests your entire digestive system with liquid fasting and effectively removes toxins from your body. The whole program is designed to give your digestive system a complete rest. During this detox program, your body needs very little energy for digestive function. The nutritional plan of this program ensures that toxins are removed from your body through detox drinks, detox soup, herbal teas, alkaline water, shots and herbal supplements. This whole program helps to remove toxins and heavy metals that harm your body in a short period.

Who is the Master Detox Program Suitable for?

It is suitable for all individuals who are exposed to intense stress and toxins, have addictions, and want to purify and rest their bodies.

It is a complementary alternative for people who are open to improving their physical, mental, and emotional health.

Benefits of the Master Detox Program


  • Improves energy levels and sleep quality.
  • Provides maximum fat burning and weight loss.
  • Provides radiant healthy skin.
  • Gives mental calmness and better focus.
  • Improves digestive functions.

Please note that this program is not designed to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. To protect and improve your health, we offer sustainable solutions to help you get to know yourself more closely and reach your physical, spiritual, and mental balance.

Services Included in the Master Detox Program


  • Consultation with our doctors at the beginning and during the program
  • Body Measurements
  • Vitalica Wellness Talk
  • Recipes for nutrition and healthy living after detox
  • Detox Special Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
  • Vitalica Wellness Mindfulness Detox Natural Dietary Supplements
  • Mindfulness Detox Drinks
  • Detox Kit
  • Healthy Eating Group Classes at Chef's Studio
  • Group activities (Breathwork, Morning walk, Fitness, Yoga)
  • Wellness Movie Night

Master Detox Program 


  • Group Activities (Breathwork, Morning walk, Fitness, Yoga)
  • Infrared sauna
  • Salt Room
  • Steam Room
  • Manipura Abdominal Massage
  • Angel of water (colon cleansing) Our doctor decides how many sessions you will receive this application after consultation.

With the Master Detox I do at Vitalica Wellness twice every year, I experience a complete purification from the inside out, as well as a magnificent renewal.

Talha Çakar

Sık Sorulan Sorular

Actually, it is difficult to give a clear answer to this. If the guest has experience with intermittent fasting and balanced nutrition in his own life, he can easily do it. However, if he has an unbalanced diet in his daily life and is going to detox for the first time, it may be challenging for him to start with Master Detox, which contains only liquid. But of course, we would like to point out that it is beneficial to try it. Since the health and satisfaction of our guests is always our first step at Vitalica Wellness; If he feels unhappy, he can always change his schedule.

No, you can apply our Master Detox package for any number of days you want. Of course, as always, if you are aiming for an efficient and sustainable cleansing and are detoxing for the first time, we recommend that you apply it for a minimum of one week.

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