Vitalica Biohacking Program

Biohacking; It means transforming yourself in the light of science and creating your best self, taking responsibility for your body and life.

After a detailed treatment, all your problems will be left behind when you leave Vitalica Wellness.


Biohacking; It can be defined as the art of changing oneself in the light of science and creating the best version of yourself in order to take the body and life under its own control and optimize physical, mental and spiritual performance. Human life expectancy has almost doubled in the last century. We live longer but are subject to multiple attacks that a ect our brain function, emotions, and mental health. Biohacking sets out from the idea that physical, mental and spiritual health can be managed with the combination of science and technology. Whenever you feel tired, unhappy, stressed or lacking energy, biohacking methods come into play! Biohacking methods, which aim to analyze your body, mind and soul, to protect and improve your health by presenting the information obtained from the analysis data with a holistic approach, open a new window to your life.

• Salt Room

•Steam room

• Infrared Sauna

• Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

• Muse Brain Session

• Luminette Therapy

• Red Light Infrared Therapy

• Heartmath Technology

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