Together in Anti Aging and Well Aging

As Vitalica Wellness, we serve our guests with 7 different detox programs, mainly for the nutritional step of the well-aging approach.

As Vitalica Wellness, we serve our guests with 7 different detox programs, mainly for the nutritional step of the well-aging approach.


Since ancient times, people have always been in an effort to reduce the effects of aging. Since the mid-20th century, the anti-aging approach has become more prominent, and the anti-aging approach began to take steps with industrial research. In this process, people's desire to have information about their health and nutrition patterns was supported by the development of technology. With the development of the industry; new approaches began to develop with hormone therapies, new products developed by the cosmetics industry and studies on genes.

While the effects of aging are tried to be reduced and eliminated with anti-aging, the well-aging approach, which has attracted attention in recent years, focuses on delaying and eliminating aging as well as improving health and quality of life in this process. The well-aging approach aims to provide a lifestyle with complete well-being not only physically but also mentally, socially and emotionally. Accordingly, it provides to increase the quality of life with approaches such as healthy nutrition, regular exercise, stress management, social interactions and mental therapies. Aging, not being old, plays an important role in the well-aging approach.

While both approaches target different areas as mentioned above, they play a role in people's lives according to their preferences.

As Vitalica Wellness, we serve our guests with 7 different detox programs, mainly for the nutritional step of the well-aging approach; we increase their quality of life by adding different applications that support these programs for healthy aging.

In addition to healthy weight loss, let's take a look at some of our holistic clinical and wellness practices at Vitalica Wellness.


1.IV Cocktails: These are mineral and vitamin applications that we administer intravenously, which vary according to their purpose. While the absorption of vitamins and minerals we take orally in the body is 20-25%, their absorption can approach 95% when we take them intravenously. 5 or 6 courses of IV protocols taken according to the deficiency in the body are sufficient and provide a noticeable increase in quality of life.

2.Hyberbaric Oxygen Therapy: It is an oxygen therapy applied for 30 minutes in a special cabin under a pressure higher than sea level. As it renews all cells, it has been observed through scientific research that the telomeres in our cells stop shortening at a high rate when applied regularly. Telomeres in our cells shorten as we age. And what good news is actually being able to stop their shortening.

3.Ozone Sauna: While oxygen is given to the body with the highest value of oxygen in the ozone sauna, the immune system is strengthened, mental fatigue is removed, and energizes the body. At the same time, in ozone sauna application, the skin becomes beautiful, the muscles tighten, and there is a visible reduction in varicose veins and cellulite.

4. Intestine Cleansing: The cleansing of the intestine, which is called the second brain in the body, ensures that toxins are removed from the body and bad bacteria are cleaned from the flora, which is one of the most important treatments in strengthening our immune system. The stronger the immune system is, the more healthy and quality life is with us.


5.Mental Therapy Sessions: Vitalica Wellness offers yoga, breathing and meditation sessions in group classes to all guests within the detox program.These sessions help individuals to think more clearly and make healthier decisions about their lives, while chakra healing and sound therapy sessions that they can receive privately help them to make a balanced stress management by activating the vagus nerve.If our guests wish to do deeper studies to support these sessions, our Mindfulness Yoga and Breathing program is extremely useful for them.

Of course, the above-mentioned practices are just examples for you to get to know Vitalica Wellness.

In order for you to experience the Well-aging approach better, the Well-Aging detox program of the same name will also open the door to a new lifestyle.

For the anti-aging approach, we can always offer our guests special surgical interventions and treatments in our estethica hospital.

Anti-aging or Well-aging? If you want to answer our question as both, you are at the right address.


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