Vitalica Wellness is the product of a holistic understanding that provides physical and mental healing with the miracle of potions.

Vitalica Wellness is the product of a holistic understanding that provides physical and mental healing with the miracle of elixirs.

Liver Elixir

Liver Elixir

The potions, each of which has different miraculous effects, consist of plant extracts combined using technology and formulas supported by science. The content of each elixir consists of herbs carefully selected with the principle of maximum bioavailability. While relieving the symptoms included in its purpose, it also provides a permanent solution by getting to the root of these symptoms. Vitalica Wellness elixirs do not contain artificial sweeteners, added sugars, chemical preservatives, hardeners, flavorings, alcohol, animal products, yeast or gluten. There are 5 Elixir formulas: liver, gut, lung, brain and anti-aging.

Liver Elixir

The liver is one of the largest and most vital organs in our body. It has more than 500 functions in the body. Vitalica Wellness liver elixir is produced to cleanse the liver and increase its functions. The important functions of the liver in the body are breaking down nutrients and converting them into energy, fighting and preventing infections, cleaning toxins in the body, regulating blood sugar, acting as a filter for harmful chemicals and producing hormones. Liver diseases can progress without symptoms. Even in severe liver diseases, liver tests may not show any findings in some cases.

In Which Situations Is Liver Elixir Recommended?

Liver damage due to alcohol, fatty liver and enlargement, viral infections such as hepatitis, frequent antibiotic use, constipation due to liver disorder, digestive system disorder,

It is recommended to be used in unhealthy eating habits and biliary tract diseases.

  • Liver Elixir Benefits
  • Supports the digestive system
  • Plays an important role in detoxification,
  • Prevents the effect of fatty and unhealthy diet on the liver,
  • Prevents liver disorders including jaundice,
  • Provides hormonal balance
  • It prevents skin disorders.
Intestinal Elixir

Intestinal Elixir

We are aware that healing starts in the gut and how important gut health is in supporting both physical and mental health. Vitalica wellness intestinal elixir is not a laxative. It is a special mixture completely aimed at supporting intestinal health. Our digestive system can be adversely affected by our lifestyle. In such cases, it can cause toxic accumulation in the body.

In Which Situations Is Intestinal Elixir Recommended?

  • Gas or bloating,
  • Sugar cravings,
  • Sudden and rapid weight gain and loss
  • Food Intolerance,
  • Heartburn or reflux,
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • Mineral deficiencies such as iron, zinc, magnesium,
  • Intense hunger, extreme thirst and feeling of insatiability,
  • Bitter or sour taste on the tongue, bad odor in the mouth,
  • Color change in stool,
  • It is recommended to be used in inflammation of the digestive system (such as IBS, Celiac Disease, Crohn's Disease).

Benefits of Intestinal Elixir;

  • To support and strengthen the digestive system,
  • Accelerate the breakdown, digestion and excretion of nutrients in the body,
  • Increasing nutrient absorption,
  • Reducing gas and bloating after meals,
  • Support the liver,
  • It is to be able to balance the day after alcohol intake.
Lung Elixir

Lung Elixir

Lung Elixir

Lungs are one of our vital organs in the body. Vitalica Wellness is a special blend prepared to strengthen your lung function and clean your lungs. It provides advantages in many physical effects from the cardiovascular system to the metabolic rate by ensuring the regular functioning of the lungs and airways and their purification from toxins.

In Which Situations Is Lung Elixir Recommended?

  • Chronic or acute cough,
  • Smokers,
  • Sinus-related problems (such as sinusitis),
  • Having had covid,
  • Blood pressure problems such as hypertension,
  • Having a viral infection in the lung,
  • Frequent or recent use of antibiotics
  • Having difficulty in breathing,
  • A slow metabolism
  • Frequent consumption of animal products or fast food

Benefits of Lung Elixir;

  • Reduces lung damage caused by smoking and viral infections,
  • Helps shortness of breath caused by pollution and allergies,
  • Cleanses the respiratory tract
  • Eliminates lung damage in people who have had Covid,
  • Regulates blood pressure,
  • It accelerates the metabolism,
  • It improves respiratory quality.
Brain Elixir

Brain Elixir

Brain Elixir

This unique herbal extract formula has been created to provide a sense of calmness, well-being and mental health. This elixir of nootropic nervous system-boosting herbs helps you create the best version of yourself. It provides function at the highest capacity by eliminating the mental fatigue caused by the stress and fatigue that occurs in today's conditions.

In Which Situations Is Brain Elixir Recommended?

It is recommended to be used in concentration and focus problems, memory and perception problems, speeding up functions such as problem solving, planning, searching, comparing, anger control, controlling impulses, sleep problems, brain fog, balancing mood.

Brain Elixir Benefits

  • It improves brain functions by increasing the communication between neurons and the activation of neurons.
  • By improving mental activities, it increases the ability to make decisions, think correctly and plan.
  • By improving concentration, it increases the formation of the perception of attention.
  • It allows to control emotional state and events effectively.
  • With the strengthening of immunity, the feeling of fatigue is eliminated and body energy increases.
  • It supports the protection of heart health by providing positive developments in the management of stress and anxiety.
  • It improves sleep quality.
  • It reduces depression and brings the body to a holistic serenity.
Anti-Aging Potion

Anti-Aging Potion

Anti-Aging Potion

With the Vitalica Wellness anti-aging elixir, we aimed to regulate the biological events that cause aging, to reduce the mental problems that come with aging, to protect it from diseases that can be seen in older ages and to eliminate the deformations caused by this process in our body. The first stage of this elixir, which basically consists of 3 stages, prevents cellular aging, the second stage regenerates the skin, hair and nails, and the fourth stage increases performance by affecting energy metabolisms.

Benefits of Anti-Aging Elixir

  • To eliminate or prevent deformations that will occur with aging,
  • To improve the disturbed Hormone balance,
  • Accelerate the metabolism by regulating,
  • Renewing tissues,
  • Repairing skin, nail and hair tissues,
  • To increase energy,
  • To suppress the feeling of hunger by increasing the feeling of satiety with some genes it activates thanks to the antioxidants it contains.
  • To accelerate post-operative recovery.

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