What is the Lymph Drainage?

Lymph drainage massage is one of the most preferred treatments in Vitalica Wellness, which offers health, inner strength and mental peace.

 In Vitalica Wellness, which offers 360-degree solutions for health, inner strength and mental peace, is lymphatic drainage massage and it is a very useful method.

What is the Lymph Drainage?

What is the Lymph Drainage?

What is the Lymph Drainage?

Lymph fluid is the fluid that maintains the body's fluid balance, takes place in living tissues, and ensures that bacteria and foreign cells are removed from the tissues. In addition, it is in the form of a colorless liquid that is formed by channels and pours into the veins with a special vein circulation network. The pressure in the lymph vessels is lower than the pressure in the blood vessels, and lymph fluid flows more slowly than blood flow. The permeability of cell walls in lymphatic vessels is greater than that of capillaries.

The lymphatic system is a system that maintains the body's immunity, provides defense against viruses, and performs the functions of the lymph fluid. As another name, pressotherapy is a massage method that increases lymph flow and blood circulation through pressure determined according to special programs with an air bag that covers the entire body of a person, starting from the chest area and ending with the feet.

What Does Lymph Drainage is Do?

The device that provides this massage method has been observed to be quite effective on the muscular system. While all movements in the pressotherapy device push the lymphatic flow in the vessels, they also affect the smooth muscle part of the lymph system. Thus, it allows the free fatty acids circulating in the blood to be burned. However, there is also a manual massage type that is applied for the same purpose. This process accelerates blood circulation and increases the success rate of treatments when applied together with regional thinning and cellulite treatments.

The lymph drainage machine has an important place in the elimination of edema caused by various diseases, in the treatment of cellulite and in the body tightening process. In addition, people who stand all day, people who work at a desk all the time, or because of genetic reasons, circulatory system disorders occur. These disorders affect blood circulation. It is also very effective in a such problems.

Does Lymph Drainage Are Make You Lose Weight?

Thanks to lymph drainage, the disintegrated fats are transferred to the lymph system and are eliminated from the body. Helping by to this method, it is a very effective method for regional weight loss. However, as a result of the removal of edema, toxins and harmful bacteria, the swelling in the body decreases. In this device method, which does not tire the person, it creates a massage effect and provides a comfortable time. As a result of these procedures, the desired weight loss is achieved and a visible reduction begins in the areas with cellulite over time.

Whom Is Lymph Drainage Not Applied?

The lymph drainage application, located in Vitalica Wellness, the best wellness center in Turkey, is not applied to people with heart disease or people who have to wear pacemakers to those with impaired blood circulation. The reason for this is the acceleration of lymph flow in the treatment. Accelerated lymph flow is likely to set the stage for serious risks in those with heart, blood pressure and blood disease.

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