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Nowadays, as we leave behind the 3rd year of the world's meeting with Covid, we still feel the effects it has left us in our bodies.

Nowadays, as we leave behind the 3rd year of the world's meeting with Covid, we still feel the effects it has left us in our bodies.

What Is Covid?

What Is Covid?

Many people lost their relatives or experienced the disease themselves, and we even witnessed those who had covid twice or three times. So what was this virus? While for some it was an ordinary flu virus, for others it was a deadly new disease to be feared. None of us learned what the truth was; we went through this process and we still hear the phrase "a new wave is coming" around us, right?

As a result of the research we did two years ago, we found out that it was such a virus; the purpose of the virus is to divide as fast as possible as soon as it enters your body and to make your cells work in a way to produce this virus. When we got this information, we couldn't believe it, and it is precisely during this process that it can cause enormous damage to the organs, and that is why many people had a severe illness and lost their lives.

Well, have you ever wondered, some people had a very severe disease and died as soon as the germ entered their body, unfortunately, some people survived the disease three times. Of course, the vaccine of the individual who survived the disease three times may also have an effect on this, but the most important reason is the power of the immune system, which is the head of everything!

Unfortunately, the individuals who survived the disease had a lot of damage left in their bodies due to both the vaccine and the virus. While some doctors and scientists argue that the vaccine has no side effects, others have shared with us their belief that it will cause great damage. Even more recently, on December 14, the famous doctor Alan Shoemaker made a frightening confession about the covid vaccine 75% of those vaccinated against coronavirus will die within 10 years How scary is that? But just these days, the World Council for Health has made a promising announcement; by sharing 10 vitamins, you can avoid the damage caused by the corona vaccine by using these vitamins consciously and regularly.

We would like to briefly talk about the damage caused by the vaccine and the disease.

And while we are on this subject; you will also notice that as the Vitalica team; the applications of the Post Covid detox program, which we prepared first before all Wellness centers in the world, are also on many of these damages.


Respiratory System Damage

Respiratory System Damage

1.Respiratory System Damage:

The lungs can become inflamed and this can affect the quality of breathing. While we support the upper respiratory tract with our Salt Room sessions, Sodium Lung Nebulization treatment, we do not want to skip our holistic treatment Ginger compress that we apply to the lung section.

2.Neurological Damages:

Severe headaches, loss of smell and taste, and in some people even nerve damage and neuropathy may occur. We have had very good results with shiodara massage, which is one of the leading wellness practices applied in the east for severe headaches, for our guests who prefer Vitalica.

3.Stomach and Intestinal Inflammation:

Some individuals may have inflammation in their stomach and intestines.

Of course, as a wellness, we leave the issue of gastric inflammation to physicians; we recommended regular bowel cleansing to prevent intestinal inflammation. For this, we have been applying Angel Of Water application to our guests in both Istanbul and Bodrum Vitalica Wellness with our nurses since the day we opened.

4.Immune System Effects:

Covid can affect the immune system and cause autoimmune reactions and inflammation. As the Vitalica team, we have prepared our immune-boosting Iv cocktails for this. Because as we mentioned at the very beginning of our article, we know the importance of the immune system in our body very, very well.

At the moment, we are not only adding a new iv cocktail to our Post Covid detox program with the 10 vitamins announced by the World Council for Health, but we are also renewing the supplements and shuts belonging to our program within the framework of these vitamins.

As we have mentioned in our previous articles, the toxins left in our body make us sick and the low immune system makes it quicker for us to succumb to viruses.

As a result of our research, we see that everything is two-sided; while we say that 75% will die within 10 years, on the other hand, we are aware that with the applications made with the right vitamins, we will significantly reduce the effects of the vaccine and disease, although we cannot guarantee that the damage caused by the toxins left in our body will completely disappear.

As you can see, there is always a way to regenerate at Vitalica Wellness.

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