What You Need to Know About Yoga: 5N1K

We wanted to gather everything you need to know about Yoga in a single article and answer the questions that arise in everyone's mind about Yoga. Here in this article, you can find the 5N1K of Yoga. Have a pleasant reading.

We wanted to gather everything you need to know about Yoga in a single article and answer the questions that arise in everyone's mind about Yoga.

What is Yoga?

What is Yoga?

Yoga comes from the Sanskrit root "yuj" and literally means "oneness". In philosophical terms, it is the path to enlightenment, to understand that everything is one and true. It is the way to reach and taste Samadhi (the state of oneness with everything), which is the ultimate goal of yoga. The history of yoga dates back to five thousand years ago. The source texts that brought yoga to the present day are called Vedas. The systematic transmission of health and spiritual practices such as yoga and ayurveda has been learned from person to person through oral and written traditions.  If we want to summarize this ancient knowledge, we can refer to Pantancali's Yoga Sutras. According to Patancali, yoga is to control all the activities of the mind. In order to attain control of the mind, we need to gain mastery at the bodily, sensory, prana (breath, soul or life energy) levels, and in each of our social and personal lives. Yoga therefore addresses every aspect of life. It aims to bring our nutrition, breathing, physical body, mental and emotional state into complete balance.

How to Practice Yoga?

If we are just starting yoga, we should start with an instructor who is experienced in this subject and has studied in the right places. We recommend doing it in the Vazishta style, that is, with a healing energy without harming ourselves and without overstraining. So do as much as you can. It means practicing asana as much as your body allows without stressing yourself. When the practices are continued with discipline and without giving up, the body will already strengthen, stretch and relax. Correct and energizing beginnings always provide a good foundation. You can join Vitalica Wellness yoga, breath therapy and meditation sessions with peace of mind.

Why Do Yoga?

Yoga is essentially practiced to achieve our ultimate goal of absolute bliss, 'samadhi', the state of oneness with everything. But we know that this teaching is based on always being on the path and enjoying the journey. By practicing yoga, we relieve stress, have healthy lungs, a flexible and resilient body. Thus, peaceful, happy, healthy and balanced people will increase in society. Psychologically, our self-confidence in ourselves and our trust in our environment increases. It enables us to look at life from different perspectives, to cope with our problems more easily because we realize the skills we do not use, and to be more useful first to ourselves and then to our environment.

Where to Practice Yoga?

Yoga can be practiced anywhere you feel comfortable. In your own room, on the balcony of your home, in yoga halls, in nature, under the shade of a tree or on the beach... Best of all, at Vitalica Wellness, the world's best wellness center with its unique atmosphere.

When to Practice Yoga?

Although the best time for yoga is early morning, it can be practiced at any time of the day.

Who Can Do Yoga?

Yoga is the unity of differences and reminds us that each of us is unique. In other words, our body structure, flexibility and lung capacity may be different. Yoga is not concerned with these, but with how we can bring out the best potential in us. This is why yoga is for everyone. Everyone can practice yoga with different practices and techniques according to their own needs and structure.

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