Mindfullness Camp 2020

Vitalica Wellness Mindfulness Camp participants met in Bodrum on November 27-29, 2020 to live in the moment and capture the colors of life with peace, love and happiness accompanied by the most beautiful shades of blue and green. Aiming to support the participants to see themselves better and help them get more out of life, the participants of the camp discovered new ways to manage the physical sensations, emotions, moods and social relationships that challenge them in a healthier way.

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Zihni Sungur, psychiatrist, author and President of the International Association of Cognitive Behavioral Therapies, gave talks on "Managing anxiety and worry: making peace with uncertainty" and "Love, marriage and infidelity: the devil's triangle", which attracted great interest. Robin Sieger, world-renowned bestselling author and speaker, author of the book "Natural born winners", also translated into Turkish, shared the tactics of success despite difficulties in his speeches on "Natural born winners: design and success" and "Focus, faith, existence".

"Mindful yogic approach to holistic wellness", "Mindfulness-based emotional resilience" and "What's left in my pocket" workshops provided participants with an awareness of values and concepts such as luck, labor, success, self-confidence, self-esteem, balance, knowledge, quality, trust, surrender, fear, compassion, worry, anxiety, hate, strength, resilience, hope and gratitude.

The comfort of Le Meridien Bodrum Beach Resort and its healthy and delicious food prepared with love and organic ingredients, with the vision of "let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food"; carried the camp period away from the negative emotions experienced during the COVID pandemic; to a process of staying in the moment with peace, love and happiness.

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