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Heavy Metal Test:
Metal and metal-like substances can be found in the natural structure of food items that can be transmitted into food by different means such as environmental, technological processes or packaging materials. This test can detect your excessive exposure to heavy metals.

Intestinal Health Package:
Intestines are our second brain, any disturbance in the intestinal tract (hyperpermeable intestine) causes harmful substances to enter the body through the intestinal barrier. When the immune system continuously exposures to foreign substances, this causes weakening of immune tolerance, development of food hypersensitivity (intolerance), allergies, inflammation of the intestines. You can analyze your bowel health with this package.

Chronic Inflamation Test
Chronic inflammation adversely affects the immune system. Nowadays, the increase in allergies and autoimmune diseases is explained with loss of tolerance in the immune system. The level of inflammation in the body is determined by measuring inflammation markers such as C-reactive protein (CRP) in the blood by chronic inflammation test.

Genetic Test
This an comprehensive test which analyzes the genetic structure of the individual. When the genetic predisposition is known the emergence of diseases can be significantly controlled by lifestyle regulations and medical controls.

Candida Test
Kandida albikans isimli mayalar sindirim sisteminde yaşayan organizmalardan biridir. Sağlıklı yetişkinlerin % 40'ının ağzında, sağlıklı kadınların % 20-25'inin vajinasında varlığı gösterilebilir. Kandidalar başka patojen bakterilerin çoğalmasını engeller. Bağırsak florası başka etkenler ile zayıflamış ise kandidalar aşırı çoğalarak, bağışıklık sisteminin fonksiyonunu olumsuz etkiler.

Candida Test
Candida albikans yeast is one of the living organisms in the digestive system. It can be found in the mouth of 40% of healthy adults and in the vagina of 20-25% of healthy women. Candida prevents the proliferation of other pathogenic bacteria. If the intestinal flora is weakened by other factors, candida proliferates, adversely affecting the function of the immune system.

Omega-3 Index Test
The Omega-3 index test measures the amount of essential Omega-3 fatty acids found in the body's red blood cells. Even though foods or supplements containing omega-3 are consumed, the test analyzes whether omega-3 absorption occurs in the body. This also identifies inflammation in the body to an extent to which it desires good fats for healthy heart and brain functions.

Wellness Profile Test
This profile test analyzes your holistic wellness profile in terms of health, lifestyle and psychology.

Men Wellness Package
Women Wellness Package

Allergy Test in Children

Allergy is an adverse reaction to substances or weather conditions even though these do not have harmful effects. The immune system, which normally protects the body, also over-responds to a number of non-harmful substances. These reactions are called“allergy” or “hypersensitivy”. “Allergen”substances against your immune system can be determined by this test.

Child Micronutrients
Nutrition is vital for healthy development of children. This test analysis the essential vitamins and elements that will ensure the healthy growth and development of your children with the appropriate parameters whether they get enough food or not.

Child Health Package
This package guides you on your child healthy growth, with analysis and parameters appropriate to the children's health. Child Health Package analysis insulin resistance, kidney, liver and thyroid functions, anemia, body iron stores, vitamins, especially vitamin D and zinc levels, allergy status, hepatitis and so on.

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