What is Water Fasting Or Water Diet?

It is possible to get rid of edema and toxins from your body by fasting water! Individuals who think they are overweight and are not satisfied with their weight lose weight by starting to burn fat by following a water diet.

Effects Of Water On The Body

It is possible to get rid of edema and toxins from your body by fasting water! Individuals who think they are overweight and are not satisfied with their weight lose weight by starting to burn fat by following a water diet. Most of the body fluids (blood, gastric secretions, saliva, amniotic fluid formed during pregnancy, urine), which have many vital functions, are water. 2/3 of the water in our body is inside the cells, and the rest is in the vessels, between tissues, in the digestive system and in the body cavities.

What is Water Fasting or Water Diet?

Water fasting, which was one of the most preferred diet and weight loss methods in the past, is a diet that is done by feeding the body only water for a certain period of time. A water diet ensures that the body is purified from chemical waste, harmful effects of genetically modified foods and substances harmful to the body.

A water diet (therapeutic fasting) is a healing program made by supporting water fasting with complementary supplements, and carried out under the supervision of health professionals for therapeutic purposes. Therapeutic fasting is a special diet that is recommended for a maximum period of 24-72 hours, based on a maximum of 250 calories per day, and allows the body to enter the autophagy by consuming 3 liters of water. Before starting the therapeutic fasting, you must reduce daily meals and prepare the body for the first 24 hours in order to switch to water consumption only. Therefore, daily water fasting for 1-3 days to detox and lose weight leads to a loss of 0.9 kg.


How is Water Fasting (Water Diet)?

People can follow a water diet for religious or mental reasons, health problems, or to lose weight. With yoga and meditation becoming increasingly popular today, more focus has been placed on mental health and physical wellness plans. Especially those who cannot fast due to health issues can do so quickly with professional support.

In the water diet (therapeutic) which is performed in the best detox center in Turkey Vitalika Wellness, health experts follow the person on a daily water diet after previous health problems and physical examinations of the person and end the person's condition when it negatively affects his or her health..Supervised water fasting is likely to be more successful than other fasting or diet regimes. In the teachings of Jack Kornfield, a Buddhist teacher and psychotherapist, he referred to this diet and said: “We live in unstructured, complex, distracted and demanding times. Whether in prayer, meditation, fantasizing, fasting or singing, we need to get out of our usual turns out of busy days on autopilot”

Benefits of a Water Diet

With a water diet, a process we call autophagy begins in our bodies. Autophagy plays an important role in the body cleaning damaged cells to create new ones, destroying faulty or clumped proteins, cleaning damaged organs, and eliminating intracellular pathogens. Therefore, the correct water diet (water fasting) under the supervision of a doctor;

  • For patients with high blood pressure
  • for heart disease
  • for Alzheimer's disease
  • It benefits many chronic diseases as it reduces the amount of free radicals in the body and cancer.


Water Diet Side Effects

In water fasting if the daily requirement of water is not met properly, initial symptoms such as dehydration, muscle cramps, headache, dry skin, coldness, lack of urination, dark yellow urine, dry and sticky mouth appear. In addition, in more severe cases, serious consequences such as dry and wrinkled skin, confusion, loss of consciousness and irritability, rapid pulse and breathing, dizziness, may appear.

What are The Hormonal Effects of Water Fasting (Water Diet)?

Insulin and leptin levels increase in people who fast on water (water diet). Leptin is a hormone called the satiety hormone that is secreted from fatty tissues in the body, and it regulates fat stores and appetite in the body. Insulin plays a role in regulating carbohydrate metabolism in the body. Water fasting increases sensitivity to leptin and insulin, and sensitivity increases the effect of these hormones in the body.

Who is not Advised To Fast Water?

  • Since it also increases the amount of uric acid in the body, it is recommended for patients with gout.
  • Those with high creatinine and kidney stones
  • Diabetic patients (1,2) patients
  • People with eating disorders
  • For the elderly
  • Not recommended for pregnant women and children.


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