What is Wellness?

Strengthen your vital potential by liberating every cell of your soul, body and mind with Wellness.

What is Wellness?

Wellness, which means 'well-being' or 'well-being' in Turkish, is the state of maintaining good physical and mental health throughout life. According to the definition made by the World Health Organization (WHO), it is the state of an individual to feel completely healthy mentally, physically and socially, except for being weak and curing the condition of being sick.

The term meaning well-being in Turkish, which is equivalent to the term wellbeing, was first used by Dr. He used it in his book 'High Level Wellness' published by Halbert Dunn. Dr. In Dunn's book, he stated about the term as "the act of improving and maintaining one's psychological and physical health throughout life".

What Are The Wellness Effects?

The state of recovery, which makes you feel vigorous and your mental health is always at its peak throughout your life, helps you to make conscious decisions and idealize your lifestyle. It raises the standard of living and enables the person to have instructive principles in different fields. In the case of full recovery, which affects health at an optimal level, it has the effect of treating events from a different perspective and purging from mental distress and addiction. In the wellbeing culture where awareness is always open, it increases the quality of life in a holistic way, physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, socially, environmentally and professionally.

Physical Wellness

One of the first steps in holistic healing is the completion of the need for physical healing. For this, attention should be paid to a healthy diet that is good for the body, regular exercise should be done, ideal weight should be maintained, enough sleep should be slept daily and harmful habits should be avoided.


Emotional Wellness

The second step that enables self-sufficiency and acceptance of change and transformation is the full recovery of emotional healing. It provides support to the person to understand his own limits, to understand his feelings, to increase his awareness and to regulate his emotional instability. It also helps to connect feelings of honesty, respect and trust in a healthy way.

Intellectual Recovery

It supports a holistic healing process that contributes to the person's recognition of the best version of himself, supports personal development, and is based on being completely open to perceptions in the learning process. Thus, by experiencing all the dynamites of change and transformation, it increases the well-being of the person.

Spiritual Wellness

From the moment of birth, human beings are in a state of grasping life, understanding their purpose in life, directing and searching completely. Spiritual healing aims to provide balance by combining the world and the spiritual world, to guide oneself in the vital search by creating harmony in the connection of the inner world with the environment. It guides the person's life-long development, feeling the moment, seeing the opportunities that come before him and taking action.


Social Healing

It develops the ability to establish an active relationship with the society by creating a balance in the inner world of the person in connection with the family life and the environment. It provides support for the formation of socially healthy environmental relations on the individual phenomenon, strong communication, relations based on peace and trust.

Environmental Wellness

It awakens the awareness of living in a peaceful, safe and clean environment and ensures that its development is lifelong. It includes all the requirements that meet the needs of the individual, such as working in qualified conditions in the business environment, clean air, natural food, living conditions at home, safety and health conditions.

Professional Wellness

It covers the ability to establish healthy relationships, maximize success and happiness in the work environment. It ensures that all dynamics in business life are interconnected and that they are handled holistically in all activities.

What Does a Wellness Trainer Do?

Recently, more importance has been given to the 'personal recovery state'. For this reason, new fields such as the wellness trainer are emerging. Wellness trainer has emerged as a new profession for the new generation and contributes to the individual's role as a guide in their journey in life. In the Vitalica Healthy Living Center, there are activities that will contribute to the life of the person and gain new habits by considering the wellness trainer and full recovery in a holistic way. It covers the entire mental and physical healing process, from sports to mental well-being activities, from different massage treatments to detox programs.

Vitalica, which supports the beginning of one's self-love and self-acceptance process, is the process of bringing the body-spirit-mind triad closer together and revealing one's own potential. It is the best road map that emerges in a holistic journey that completes itself energetically, vibrantly and developmentally throughout life by creating a balance in all aspects in the journey from birth to death.

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