What is Ionic Foot Detox?

One of the most preferred treatments of Vitalica Wellness, one of the best detox centers in Turkey, is ionic foot detox. Ionic foot detox is a treatment done by resting your feet in a foot tub with special powder added for 30 minutes.

What Does Ionic Foot Detox Do?

- Regulates the secretory system, helps to adjust the PH values ​​of the body and to work regularly.

- It supports the strengthening of metabolism and the development of the immune system.

- Increases body resistance, helps reduce the risk of infection.

- Provides the removal of toxins with in-depth purification.

- It helps the lymphatic system to work more actively.

- It can provide serious support in the treatment of migraine and headache.

- Helps to balance blood sugar, cholesterol and high blood pressure.

- It helps to improve sleep pattern and quality.

- Provides support to relieve fatigue.

- It helps to reduce the pain and distress experienced by women during their menstrual period.

- It helps to eliminate the problems of menopause.

- It supports the proper functioning of the digestive system.

- Helps to relieve allergic disorders.

- The body retains less water, weight control becomes easier.

- It helps to eliminate acne and skin problems. It smoothes the skin.

- Helps reduce joint pain.

- Helps to clean and renew the blood.

- It helps to strengthen the memory.

How to Get Rid of Toxins with Vitalica Wellness Ionic Foot Detox?

Vitalica Wellness ionic foot detox is a treatment that lasts for 30 minutes, and at the end of the treatment, a conclusion is reached on toxin accumulation areas and possibilities according to the color of the water.

If the color of the water is in the form of white foams, toxins have accumulated in the lymph system and possible lymphatic system problems, toxin accumulation, skin allergy and swelling. It's a sign of your feet.

The yellowish green color may represent the organs of the excretory system and may be an indicator of kidneys or urinary tract problems, gynecological diseases or prostate.

Dark green water color represents the digestive system, and toxin accumulation in the gallbladder, pancreas and spleen can be a sign of immune system problems. The orange color is an indicator of toxin accumulation in the joints and may indicate joint inflammation and rheumatism.

Red dots and particles are indicative of vascular and blood clotting and may indicate the onset of varicose veins, capillary problems and blood pressure problems. Brown indicates toxin accumulation in the liver and may be a sign of cell wear, weight problems, fatty liver.

Blackheads and particles can be an indicator of diabetes, spasms and allergies as a result of frequent consumption of heavy metals. Finally, black color is liver toxin accumulation and may be an indicator of heavy metal concentration, excessive alcohol consumption and asthma.

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