This program has been developed to purify your body from the negative effects of surgical interventions or aggressive treatments by removing the toxins and anesthesia affects in order to ensure faster recovery process. Anesthesia, chemotherapy, radiotherapy or medicine delivered to your body during your surgical intervention or treatment may have toxic effects over your health. These toxic substances suppress your body's immune system and make delays the recovery process, If your body is not able to restore its strength as soon as possible, the effectiveness of both treatment and medications might decrease.

As Vitalica Wellness, we reflect our knowledge and experience in the area of healthcare with our Estethica Medical Groups through this post - operative recovery program. This program has been developed in accordance with the valuable inputs of our Doctors and allows your body to be purified rapidly from the side effects of the treatments supporting you physically emotionally and mentally in order to intensify your healing process.

By visiting our Vitalica Wellness clinic, located at the heart of the city but away from all the chaos, a tranquil place for your wellness, you can benefit from wide variety of wellness and holistic treatments that will allow you to rest and renew emotionally and mentally while physical strenght is renewed back by cleansing your body from the toxins. Within the program we provide you strengthening meals, various recovery vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements to restore your physical strength to quickly reach your “optimum health” state with a spiritual and mental renewal.

  • Doctor’s consultation to guide your recovery program
  • Vitalica Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner made from revitalizing alkaline superfoods
  • Vitamins, minerals, herbal proteins and substances blends to strengthen your immune system
  • Health improvement and revitalization supplements,
  • Revitalizing tea and soup varieties,
  • Revitalizing shakes,
  • Sodyum Lung Nebulization
  • Full-body measurement
  • Breathing and Meditation classes
  • Doctor’s consultation for healthy diet plan and wellbeing

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