A New Approach to Sleep Meditation

The basis of a quality sleep is a peaceful mind. Since to know that resting and sleeping is an art, the individual who sleeps peacefully has less anxiety and less anxiety. This is not only ensures peace of mind during work, but also of the heart and mind. In generally individuals acts with anxiety and always fights with their projects and thoughts for their future. Because of these reasons , many people do not have any balance between their activities and rests. As a result of this , there is looked like that no any perfect people who can provide peacefully hearth and mind balance.

There are small details which is showed that this has no any pass into sleep meditation;

  • In the house, ı need to be relax and ready to not worry form my tasks. Because ı am getting stressed.
  • I know that ı must not be angry because of small things but ı can not. And because of this reason , ı can not sleep.
  • I know that ı must not eat in the late times . But ı can not do. As a result of my this act, ı am gaining weights.
  • I know that ı must not smoke but I continue.
  • I know that ı must not be angry such level form y family and friends but ı can not do.
  • I know that ı must not use my mobile before the sleep but ı do .
  • There is many these kind of experiences which can effect the life.

Everybody know that what must done for quality sleep. Our conscious brain understands everything, but does not let the subconscious mind know. When we are under the stress , there is used to conscious part of the brain. At that time, there is not allowed to make a task for subconscious mind. This is the part that is most effective in providing skills such as how to relax, how to transition to sleep meditation. Even self-taught, talented and educated adults have trouble sleeping under stress and may be a whiff of sleep meditation.

Quality Sleep is The Basic Part of Health

There is some necessaries which there provide to us life functions. It is inevitable to fulfill basic needs such as hunger and thirst. However, if the basic needs are not fulfilled, diseases are caused by putting the physical health at risk. Among the factors that prevent the transition to sleep meditation in today's world, 75% of adults show at least one sleep deprivation symptom. While 30 to 40% of people have a routine insomnia, 10 to 15% have a persistent condition. Snoring occurs in 40% of adult cases due to unqualified sleep. Between 2% and 4% of the population who do not do sleep meditation and have restless sleep symptoms have sleep apnea.

Restless legs syndrome, which is seen during sleep or in all areas of life, affects 5% to 10% of people. Like many other personal characteristics such as IQ, physical characteristics, they differ in their overall sleep routine and needs.

In general, it is sufficient for a minority of people to sleep 4 to 6 hours, for a certain group of people 9 to 10 hours, and for the majority of adults 7 to 8 hours. Most sleep experts think the vast majority of people need at least seven hours of sleep. They need at least seven and a half hours of sleep to increase their quality of life, to switch to sleep meditation and to perform at their best in life.

Sleep Myths in Sleep Meditation

  • You need less sleep as you get older, and alcohol can help you sleep better.
  • Snoring is inconvenient but completely harmless.
  • If you can't remember your dream, something is wrong.
  • I'm fine with five hours of sleep.
  • You can learn to stay active while you sleep less.
  • Falling asleep during the day is a sign of laziness.
  • Napping is a terrible habit to get into.
  • Too much sleep is possible.

What Is The Best Way To Get A Good Night's Sleep?

In order to do sleep meditation, first of all, it is necessary to understand the importance of sleep. In order to do sleep meditation successfully, it is necessary to adopt a healthy lifestyle, to make regular exercise and a balanced diet a routine of life. It is necessary to maintain excellent sleep habits, maintain a consistent sleep/wake cycle, and develop a pre-sleep routine. It's also important to reserve your bedroom only for sleep and sex and to avoid naps. Control noise, block light, cool and ventilate, and hide the clock to create the ideal sleep environment. Limiting caffeine, quitting smoking, avoiding heavy food and drink are all factors to keep in mind to get a good night's sleep.

How to Do Sleep Meditation?

Sleep meditation practice is one of the types of meditation that helps bring peace to our hearts and minds. In Vitalica Wellness, which is among the best Wellness clinics in Turkey, sleep meditation that helps reduce stress can help calm the mind in order to enjoy every moment of our lives.

Key Points for Switching to Sleep Meditation

  • With each breath, I take my focus away from my thoughts and what's going on in my body.
  • With each breath I pass from the world of thinking to the world of the senses.
  • When I focus on my breath and the flow of experience, I am in the present moment.
  • I focus only on the emotions themselves, not on the person experiencing the emotions.
  • I focus on the sensations rather than my feelings about them.
  • There is no good or bad judgement for now.
  • My senses take the present moment and I accept what is offered to me through them.
  • I accept everything as it is.
  • Breathing and breathing, I stay in this warm acceptance realm.
  • I find satisfaction in the present moment as I breathe in and out.
  • I'm not trying to convince myself that everything should be different.
  • There is nothing to criticize or analyze here. These are just thoughts.
  • At the moment I take whatever comes to me with my senses.
  • I count my blessings and send waves of happiness all over my body.
  • Thoughts come and go like voices around me and my body is a miracle.
  • As I breathe in and out, I maintain clarity without difficulty.
  • I take a deep breath and exhale freely.
  • I feel refreshed when I take a deep breath.
  • I'm still here and breathing.

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