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A new one is added to the benefits of pilates, which is a sport that makes the spine the healthiest and allows you to stand upright. The benefits of the plate include shaping the body, tightening it, keeping it in shape, lengthening, relieving pain, increasing the quality of life, strengthening the immune system and facilitating pregnancy.

What is Pilates?

Recently, when the stress level is very high, couples may have problems in conceiving, and according to specialist physicians, the benefits of plates, which enable them to stay away from stress, are quite high. If we consider the secretion of serotonin by exercise and sports, it secretes the hormone serotonin thanks to the rule of breathing in a regular and healthy way.

Developed by 'Joseph Pilates', they are exercise methods developed to increase flexibility and tighten the body and improve general health. It also attracts attention because it corrects body posture. In addition, it aims to prevent posture disorders, pains and injuries that may occur, and thus promises a healthy old age. It reveals more flexible and healthier bodies. It is an exercise system that responds as soon as possible to people who want to shape their body and increase their muscle mass. The movements of this method are focused on the back, abdomen and hips, and it should be started by pulling the abdomen in and without fixing the abdominal muscles.

What Are the Types of Pilates?

Pilates also has varieties named according to the tools and movements that are in the foreground;

  • Matte plates
  • Instrument plates
  • Plate reformer
  • Plate barrel
  • Plate cadillac
  • Plate chair
  • Plate tower reformer
  • Plates booty bare
  • Pregnant pilates
  • Clinical plates
  • Air plates

What are the Benefits of Pilates?

Doing the plate regularly will help you tighten and lose weight. As pilates stretches and strengthens the muscles in a balanced way, your body takes shape in a short time. Pilates aims to work all the muscles in the body. For this reason, even muscles that are not normally used a lot become stronger. This helps you to have a more balanced and strong body. It also corrects your posture based on spinal health. It increases your flexibility. In this way, you will be more protected against possible injuries.

When you do pilates regularly, your concentration and coordination will improve. It is beneficial for both your body and your mental health. Those who do it regularly stay away from stress and this supports your mental health. In this way, it allows you to know your body better and to have more control over your body. It can be said that it is the result of researches that it facilitates the birth process when it is done with a specialist during pregnancy. It increases the oxygen capacity of the lungs as it teaches how to breathe correctly. It also has effective results in the rehabilitation of many injuries. In addition to strengthening the central region and providing flexibility, Pilates increases bone density, helps weight loss, strengthens the back muscles, strengthens the abdominal muscles, prevents injuries, and increases flexibility. It improves body posture and improves cardiovascular condition.

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