Include Meditation Movements Into Your Life!

How would you like to breathe with a few movements of meditation in the continuous monotony of life? By trying to live in the crowds of the metropolis, the covid disease, the long-term working system, which has locked everyone at home in the world, we have actually forgotten ourselves. We have added centuries between us and regeneration with well-being, with movements of meditation and the welcoming of life. How would you like to gather your vital energy without taking a break in life, which will put aside the feeling of loneliness in crowds and the crises of life? So give yourself a chance and let the meditation movements rest your soul.

What İs Wellness Meditation?

Meditation is an art form that brings life, happiness, and beauty to life by bringing body, mind, and consciousness into harmony. In life forms without meditation, stress, confusion, and feelings of delusion are experienced intensely.

Meditation in ancient times was considered a way of life. Meditation movements require the application of certain techniques, methods and systems according to disciplinary standards inseparable from everyday life. Once we have practiced and mastered the movements of meditation, this discipline accompanies us in all areas of our life. So whatever technique you use, what system you follow, be sure to stick to the discipline and the schedule. You will notice more changes in yourself like this.

What is Meditation And What isn't İt?

Meditation is not a form of concentration. In concentration, we narrow the mind, and narrow mind is a limited state of mind. We need that limited, sharp, focused mind to research any subject, solve problems, learn a language, fly airplanes. However, neither is meditation. In concentration, we build a wall of resistance and lose energy in the effort to control the mind. Some people meditate like this for an hour and when it's over they feel tired because they are fighting and fighting for that hour. They deny everything and try to focus their mind by saying no to all thoughts and perceptions.

Concentration is an open, choice-free awareness that includes everything. While meditation says "yes" to everything, concentration says "no" to everything. Concentration is a form of effort. Where there is effort, there is a creator of work. The creator of the effort is the ego. Concentration nourishes the ego, creator of effort. The greater the concentration, the greater the ego.

How To Meditate?

  • First, you need to determine a place where you feel comfortable and peaceful. You need to keep all objects and people that distract you from your surroundings.
  • While doing meditation movements, you can turn on music suitable for your situation, calm yourself down and relax. For example, the sound of rain or the sounds of birds can help.
  • You need to make sure that the clothes you choose are comfortable and suitable for your body, without getting in the way. Otherwise, if you are trying to meditate in an outfit that you are uncomfortable with, you may find it difficult to concentrate.
  • You have to decide how long you want to meditate. In general, although meditation movements are done for 20 minutes twice a day, it is best to start with 5 minutes for those who will be doing it for the first time.
  • During meditation movements, small stretching movements should be performed so as not to injure your body.
  • If you are relaxed enough, you can now sit in any position. You can sit cross-legged or sit on a chair. If you don't feel comfortable sitting down. You can try to meditate while standing or even while walking.
  • You can close your eyes to focus more easily.
  • Try to control your breathing. Feel your breath.
  • Let yourself be guided by the images in your mind. You can rest your body by doing some animations in your mind.
  • Relax by focusing on all parts of your body.
  • You can also add exercises that will relax you while meditating on foot.

Each day, by meditating early in the day, you can reduce the stress of your day and get rid of your worries. Meditation should not be practiced after eating. You may have difficulty concentrating on the meditation movements while going through the digestive system process.

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