Mindfulness Camp'22 with Zümra Atalay

With Zümra Atalay, we are sharing tips on how to meet the pressure and stress in our lives with a calm and good affirmation with Mindfulness Camp.

With this camp, you will increase your quality of life, improve your mind while touching your body health on the one hand yoga, detox programs such as meditation sessions, trainings, activities and Prof. Dr. We offer Mindful therapies with Zümra Atalay. You will learn to manage the situations you may encounter and your reactions to these situations, to live with the stress, and to discover effective strategies that you can use in all areas of life, through therapies and interviews led by therapists who are experts in their fields.

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With "Mindfulness" your mind helps to focus not on the past or the future, but on the present moment. Now and while you are here, you have full control over your thoughts, feelings and actions. Thanks to mindfulness programs, you will have the opportunity to heal yourself mentally and physically, and you will also have the opportunity to look at life and yourself from different angles. You will feel refreshed and reborn after this camp, which is equipped with vital activities related to your mental and physical health. This special camp will teach you how to get help from mindfulness-based interventions when responding to difficult feelings and situations or getting in touch with your body.

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